The Danger of Denial in Wills and Insurance Planning

wills and insurance planning

Mark Twain once said “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” He was not in denial regarding his eventual death as he had a valid will assuring his daughters would be well taken care of! We are in denial in regards to wills and insurance planning. For example: 60% of Canadians die without a will, […]

Beneficiary Designations – Dangers and Benefits

beneficiary designations life insurance investment planning

Like many teenage boys, I loved Shop class! After years watching my father use power tools, I was finally going to learn to use them myself! It wasn’t as easy as that though. We spent many hours studying their features, benefits and dangers. Finally, we were able to use them safely, always under the watchful […]

Death and Estate Taxes

estate taxes

Some life insurance companies preach the “theory of diminishing needs” for life insurance. It says that we will become self-insured by paying down debt, accumulating investment assets and reducing expenses. I once believed this theory. However, I have experienced otherwise. Life happens. As a result, needs for life insurance coverage often continue longer than we […]