Travel Insurance Tips


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While snorkeling with the boys during a vacation in Maui a few years ago, I felt a sting. Unluckily, my right knee encountered a sea urchin! Afterward, a lifeguard gave me basic first aid instructions. I spent that night applying vinegar compresses and soaking in the hot tub. Fortunately, all I ended up with was an irritating itch for the rest of our stay. I was lucky!

Although annoyed, I felt a tremendous peace knowing we have travel insurance.  Medical bills will not bankrupt us if complications arise.

Without coverage, you can get into trouble even if you don’t leave Canada. The reasons for this is that medical plans vary even from province to province. Above all, don’t assume all is good the next time you visit outside the province.

Another common mistake is buying travel insurance even if you already have good coverage. Specifically, check the details of your group benefits plan and any coverage provided through your credit cards. You may not even need extra coverage if this coverage is sufficient.

Questions to Ask When Buying Travel Insurance

  • Will the policy cover you for the entire absence from your home province?
  • If you stay longer, can your policy be extended? If so, how would this be done?
  • Does your policy have any restrictions?
  • Will the policy deny benefits if a pre-existing condition causes your medical emergency?
  • Does your insurer have an emergency toll-free telephone number?
  • Does your policy exclude specifics like sports, war, suicide, substance abuse?
  • Do maximums, deductibles and/or co-insurance apply to your claim?
  • What documentation must you submit with your claim? Also, what are the procedures?
  • Does your policy pay for emergency return home?
  • If traveling with others does each individual need a separate policy. Or, can one policy cover all travelers?
  • Does the policy exclude certain locations/countries?
  • Will your policy pay for trip cancellation, baggage loss, and other damages?
  • Does your group plan cover out of country travel? If so, are there any restrictions? Does it cover you for business travel only?

Don’t do this alone. Please click below and request a quote for your next vacation or business trip outside the province.

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