Insurance Planning and the Golden Goose

Insurance planning life disability critical illness insurance

Remember Aesop’s fable of “The Goose Who Laid the Golden Eggs?” The greedy owner couldn’t wait for the goose to lay the next egg. He killed the goose, thinking he’d get all the gold up front. His eggs went runny! A smarter farmer would have taken proper care of his champion goose. He would have […]

Secure Your Income With Disability Income Insurance

Disability Income Insurance

Judging by the growth of major shopping malls, the surge in online retailers and the brand new cars I see, the last thing we’re thinking about is disability income insurance! We buy property insurance, car insurance, extended warranties or “product protection plans.”  We sure do like to protect our stuff!. Although it’s often a good […]

Crash Test Your Mortgage Life Insurance

Mortgage life insurance planning

Thousands of crash test dummies have been sacrificed for our driving safety and I’m grateful every time I drive! We also need to crash test your financial plan against the catastrophe caused by disability, critical illness and death. This includes properly structuring your mortgage life insurance. The risks are very real. Here are numbers for […]

Beneficiary Designations – Dangers and Benefits

beneficiary designations life insurance investment planning

Like many teenage boys, I loved Shop class! After years watching my father use power tools, I was finally going to learn to use them myself! It wasn’t as easy as that though. We spent many hours studying their features, benefits and dangers. Finally, we were able to use them safely, always under the watchful […]